Failed heart failed humanity. Failed life, failed ammunition to start from the beginning, to establish our ideas to connect to our faith instead we follow the critics advice and slum through life . Offer your mass balance to my unsteady feet that have lost gravity long ago, hold down my fears in place. Inaugurate the truth of me, constitutionalize the inner me as you discover all of me . Continue reading



My happiness has also become the reason I was unhappy. The thoughts of him raped my mind, extinguishing all negative notes as it pushed deeper into the memories I’ve once hidden. Stroking the daydreams Ive suppressed daily. Selectively leaving me with the parts that show my attraction to him. Now every loving bone in my body wants to fall into the deepest corners of his smile, raise our children in my womb, and hold his hand while we grow old together .
Unfinished .


Let go.

To say your done doesn’t mean write it down, throw away the paper and never look back. Knowing you, you’d try to rewrite the world’s astrology if you could. Align the stars to make an arrow pointing to where you could find his heart. Knowing you, you’d rewrite the story of you & him over and over till you reach happiness .
Defend your happiness, allow it to stream through your body and show in your smile. He showed in your eyes, the water that burst out through the creeks of your unaged wrinkles, go ahead wipe it off but he’ll still notice the mascara print that was left in evidence on the sides of your cheeks, knowing you should’ve gotten waterproof. Pardon the usage of bluntness this predicament your in has taken a toll on you. It’s an unknown truth that your wrapped up in him. Once you let go you own up to the let lows you’ve buried in between your teeth. The words that were never spoken but heard with open hearts .


Finding Peace

Slow breathing. Her regrets lay heavily on her chest, the hope she had died three weeks ago & now she can’t even feel the pain.
Every muscle in her body clenches up tight as the pain finds it’s way back down her spine, legs have lost all gravity, the essence of her is vanishing. She’s another hollow body being used for the mere moment, she’s never owned it. Images of her future have become vague with each breath not token, and now her vision to happiness hasn’t been visual for weeks. Slow breaths, his voice has fallen into the depths of her eardrums, eagerly She responds “I can hear you ! Please Help me!” but her words won’t resonate a sound. This is what death feels like, loud voices all around but your a hostage to your own mind. She closes her eyes and the regret over flows her body, this pain refuses to be oppressed it’s made a home out of her. Grasping for one more gulp of air her body gave up seconds ago, in one blink she finds the pure blessing of peace, the pain has seized now & Allah has truly brought her peace., ” To Allah we belong, and to him we return”.